Violet Craft

Violet Craft

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mainframe Derez a.k.a. Light Cycles

I am a little late in posting this! I went to check the Modern Quilt Guild's Facebook group recently and realized people were trying to figure out which quilts were accepted into The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase 2012 at International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston. I thought to myself "oh, I posted mine already" and then the pause. Wait... I posted that, right? In between packing to move, preparing for quilt market plus the general insanity of a family of four with three pets... I did that right?

Checked my blog.... nope, don't see it.
Checked my Facebook page... nope, don't see it.
Checked my Twitter feed... nope, don't see it.

*le sigh* Well, no worries because here it is! This quilt is formally named Mainframe Derez and is nicknamed Light Cycles. It is inspired by the movie Tron and the Atari logo and really the 80's influence on my perspective in general. The fabrics used are all nine Falling Flowers prints from my Peacock Lane collection with Michael Miller Fabrics and Kona White one of the lovely Kona grays, of which I always confuse and my color card is never where I left it. I swear. It just up and walks off.

The back is pieced from Sprinkle Dots and Parade Day all from Peacock Lane. 

Here's a little secret... when I started this quilt I had an entirely different picture in my mind. It all started like this:

But it just wasn't right. I just didn't like the weight of it. So it went a little like this...slash, slash, slash... arrange, arrange, stare, stare, stare, snap a pic.... slash, slash, slash, arrange, arrange, arrange, stare, stare, stare, snap a pic... sew, slash, arrange, stare, snap a pic... and so on and so forth...

And then, ready for this... hmmm, maybe I like it better upside down...

...or not. And so it went until I found the winning formula. I still like where a couple of the earlier possibilities were going, but that just opens the door for another day and another quilt, right?

A huge thank you to the Modern Quilt Guild and the Houston International Quilt Market and Festival. I am thrilled to have my quilt included in the showcase!!!

And a special thank you to the Craft House Cats for all of their modeling prowess. Their ability to work their way into almost every photo never ceases to amaze me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Memoir... of Madrona Road

Memoir by Violet Craft

Once upon a time in the windy lands of the Old West a baby girl was born to a rooted father and a gypsy mother. Her father loved her mother very much; but as the wolf needs to roam so does a gypsy. It took a village to raise the wee child. And as she grew she began to raise the village.

Alas, the winds called her to seek her soul in the desert, the forests and the sea. She explored and roamed and filled her well deep with  knowledge and experience. The little gypsy girl was all grown up and soon she grew weary of the dissonance and longed for a steadfast place to call home. Once again taking to the road she traveled across the land with her trusty sidekick Buster eventually settling in the City of Bridges.

The winds had led to her soulmate and during a single moon she fell deeply in love with the robot maker. As the moss grows on trees in Forest Park so did the girl’s roots. After battling an evil giant she vowed never to climb ladders again and once again went in search of her soul. Stitch by stitch she pieced her soul together, sometimes unravelling again and again before she tied all the loose threads together, completing her nest.

And in it she placed her two young ducklings. The Princess and her Prince of the Pacific Northwest raised their two in a beautiful castle in the city under the watchful eye of the Griffin. The Princess longed for a simpler life without the troubles of castles and imperial dragon keepers. She began to run, simply so she could slow down. The Prince spent his days engineering the webs of others, dreaming of meads and ales. The country mouse and her prince grew restless in their beautiful city.

Onwards to the sea they were beckoned, bringing their brood with them in search of a farmstead; a place to call home, for weary travelers to rest, to listen to the land and create. And so it was to be that the family settled in a little house with a big life on Madrona Road.  Follow the smell of hops and barely on the wind, turn left at the donkey by the mailbox and when you see Mrs. Catterson next to the Tulips, you’re home. But heed caution, for goats indeed stand guard, fabric flows deeply, the tap never dries and there’s always room for a good friend. Good night my little ducklings, all in a row. Sweet Dreams.